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Alarm Update - NanoShock

Our great Pyronix alarm system has brought out a fantastic door/window contact called the NanoShock.

It's a really neat and compact wireless contact (so no new cables needing run) which comes in white, anthracite grey and brown so should be compatible with most doors and windows. It's slimmer than the previous contacts and has a 2 year battery life so plenty of flexibility with an alarm service (which should be done annually).

As it's so small, we can often fit it in the recess of the door frame or window so it can be completely out of the way but can be surface mounted without being too noticeable too.

It has been fitted with new accelerometer technology so it can be fitted in any orientation of the window/door so it's really flexible with where we can fit it. As it's fitted in a door/window which could end up damp, it's been coated with a special coating to stop any deterioration of the electronics so should ensure a long life!

Our alarm app also allows you to control multiple systems from your phone so if you have an alarm installed at work and one at home, you can see notifications on both using our app.

We fit great alarm systems which are easy to use and constantly evolving to keep up with trends as well as conforming to strict regulations. We like to keep our clients updated to any new kit or features on the market so get in touch if you want to discuss any aspect of a new alarm system or if you want to ask about changes to your current one. If you'd like to book in for a service for your alarm book here.


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