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Are you having problems with your internet? ​

We can improve it through various means, such as network cabling, 4G installation and WiFi access points. 

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4G Broadband Installation 

Are you fed up with poor broadband speeds but can't get access to fibre? Maybe you've got a rural property, you want to work from home but haven't been able due to poor internet speeds? We can install a 4G antenna to improve and stabilise your signal, set you up with a simple contract with the best supplier for your area and away you go! Our antenna are 5G enabled so as soon as it's ready, then so are you. Even if you have a contract but want to optimise the signal, get in touch and we can improve it. 

Wired Home or office networks

Wired networks are handy for devices you need connected with ethernet connection. This particularly suits gamers, streaming media players, TV's and is great for hardwired networks in offices. We use high quality CAT6 & CAT6a cabling for our installations or fibre where required. Cabling for new builds and discrete cabling for post-build. Get in touch if you have a project in mind. 

Working from Home
Common Room

WiFi Access points

Improve the WiFi across the property with our hardwired WiFi access points to give you seamless WiFi throughout the property and external areas. Great for homes, restaurants, offices, hotels, pretty much anywhere! 

If you're working from home or need your work area expanded this is a great way to do it.

Get in touch for a free estimate. 

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