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New CCTV addition - Live guard & Acusense

If you've used an older CCTV system and had notifications put on it (where you get notified via your app about movements), then you'll know that what often happens is that you get a flood of notifications then end up switching them off.

This is because some software doesn't allow for recognition between different items - it can't tell the difference between a human, a car and a fox.

A white turret camera graphic is shining over a property - it has graphics which say strobe, camera, siren and PIR detector. The property is a lit up detached home with the lights on.

This is where Live Guard and Acusense comes in. It combines a great set of features such as :

  • Acusense Technology - this can tell the difference between a human or a vehicle or a movement of trees/animals. The advantage of this is that you'll get less "false" notifications on your phone telling you about movements. The ones you will get will be relevant and means that you can quickly check and see what is happening on your app.

  • Strobe Light - if an intruder is approaching, a strobe light will be set off which means they will naturally look towards the camera, therefor getting a great image of them. It also acts as a deterrent, hopefully scaring them away.

  • Audio warnings - Prerecorded messages to scare any intruders away.

  • App to arm/disarm system - With the Hik-Connect APP, up to 4 alarm areas are supported. Away arm, stay arm and schedule arm modes make the system more flexible to use. Also, the same app supports arming of cameras from our AX hub wireless intruder alarm system providing a total intruder alarm solution for internal and external protection.

A graphic explaining how acusense software works. Humans and cars will trigger a notification on the cctv system but things like cats, trees and wind won't trigger the cameras.


There are lots of great features with our cameras and we have a camera to suit every property. Here are a few but there are lots of variations and brands and what suits one person won't necessarily suit another. We can incorporate different models for each property but this will give you a brief outline of some of the cameras and features we can offer.

2x turret cameras, a white one and a black one. The white one is at the front and it shows the 2 lenses on each camera.

Turret cameras are the most commonly used camera, especially on domestic properties. They're discrete, robust and will last for years. There are lots of types of cameras available so get in touch to have a chat about what features you'd like to get.

- Up to 8MP resolution

- Excellent low light imaging

- Can come with ColorVu so 24/7 colour imaging

- 2 way audio

A white bullet camera with UNV branding on the side. It has a black front with one lens.

Bullet cameras are a fantastic addition as they give great infra red range. These are often installed where you need a larger area covered such as drive ways, yards or gardens.

- up to 50m IR

- Can incorporate number plate recognition

- 4K resolution

- Up to 8MP resolution

A pan tilt and zoom camera shown from the front. It's white at the top and the bulk of the body is black. The lens is pointing at the camera.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom

This enables controlled movement of the camera so you can look exactly where you want to. Simple and effective, great for businesses with large areas.

- Up to 100m IR distance

- 30m white light

- Move the camera around, zoom in up to 25x and record.

If you'd like to have a chat about your security system either at home or at work, just get in touch. We can arrange a site survey and make some recommendations. Our installers work in all types of properties and will help you with any concerns you may have.


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