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Product Update - Pyronix Video Doorbell

New Product with our great wireless alarm range - the video doorbell.

This video doorbell is a great contender in the field of video doorbells. There are many available such as Ring, Eufy and more but what makes this one different?

An image of a Pyronix Camera doorbell which is white with a black front, with a camera near the top of it.

We've installed alarms and CCTV systems for a long time and have been aware of all the new products coming out in the last few years. We used to only really install "proper" CCTV cameras at a front door for imaging but now the quality of video doorbells has improved so much, these provide an extra layer of protection for your home. They can be used along side a CCTV system or as a useful addition to an alarm.

You've probably seen on social media where thieves have been identified or just strange things have been caught on camera for later viewing. They're also great for communicating with couriers when you're not there or just chatting with visitors if they arrive when they're out. For the disabled they're a great asset if mobility is an issue and they can't get to the door as quick as they might want to.

Pyronix have entered the video doorbell race with their own video doorbell. How does it compare to the others and why would we use this over a product like a Ring (which we also install when required).

Is it a standalone product?

This doorbell absolutely can be a stand alone product, you don't need the rest of the alarm to use this on their home control app. It can be fitted on it's own and work on the Home Control app or configured in as part of a bigger alarm system using the same app.

What does it come with?

There are a couple of options with this - you can get just the door bell camera and use it with the app like many doorbells out there. You will need to get an SD card separately though.

There is also the doorbell and chime kit which is really good value. This comes with the camera doorbell, a battery powered chime which can be placed anywhere in the house and a micro SD card (32GB). If you like you can add chimes across the property (up to 4) if you'd prefer a bit more volume.

white doorbell chime on a white back ground. The vents are dark and circular on the chime.

The doorbell also has other great features;

- up to 10m IR

- Long lasting battery life

- Live snap shot and capture

- Built in microphone and speaker so you can communicate in real time

- Full HD/Wide angle view

Your app is also free of charge with the door bell (£25 per annum if it's being used with the rest of an alarm system).

Image of a Pyronix doorbell, the chime (white) and a 32GB micro SD card.

How does it compare cost wise?

For the doorbell on it's own, it's £95.

For the kit which has the doorbell, a chime and a micro SD card, it's £129 altogether.

This is comparible with a Ring 2nd gen (on it's own) at £99 or the Arlo AVDK2001-100UKS video doorbell with chime which retails at £209.99. For bigger projects then there are products like Door Bird which can be tailored a lot more to either one or many properties.

The one thing that we feel sets it apart from products such as Ring is that it doesn't have any subscriptions with it - there is storage on the SD card and the app doesn't cost anything to use so it's definitely set apart with it's lack of ongoing fees.

Wooden house with a delivery man carrying a cardboard box and ringing the doorbell.


There are many video doorbells on the market so it's right to find a product that suits you. If you've got a product in mind then do some research and make sure you avoid any hidden subscriptions like cloud storage as these can mount up over the year. Often companies will sell add-ons which are great until you realise that there is extra on your subscription too so be aware of that.

The Pyronix Camera doorbell is a great option for lots of reasons. If you'd like one fitted just get in touch. If you feel confident in fitting one yourself, then get in touch and we can post one out. Our sister company Smart House Scotland sells them on their website - take a look here.

Have you got a video doorbell? Have you liked it and what is your favourite aspects of it? Is there anything you don't like? Leave a comment and let us know!


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