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Alarm updates - Home Control 2.0

For our alarm only clients who are still using HomeControl+ or ProControl+ we'll be making the change at your next maintenance visit to the new app, Home Control 2.0. It's got a great new look and feel and you'll be able to move to the new one easily.

It's still got the great features of app that you've been using such as remote monitoring from anywhere but is a great updated version which allows for more control over your system.

It's alarm only at the moment but will be fully integrated in the future.


  • Multi site control - control multiple sites through one app.

  • Voice Notifications - Receive audible voice push notifications direct to your device so you know what is happening at all times so appropriate action can be taken.

  • Detailed history - Up to 10 panel event and up to 50 app notification logs can be viewed, giving the user added visibility of exactly what's happened in their system.

  • Geofencing capabilities

  • Biometric login

  • Available for iOS and Android.


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