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We already offer a TV wall mounting service, but do you want to hide your TV when not in use? Then ask us about our Mirror TV and Picture TV framing service.  

Choose a mirror finish for a stylish and useful way to hide your TV when it’s not on. Or how about showing off a great piece of art? Choose from a selection of fantastic canvasses. We only use great quality materials and great TVs to ensure a fantastic image as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. 


A bathroom or kitchen TV is also becoming ever more popular and our mirror TVs can multitask as both mirrors and TVs! Safety is paramount and our technicians ensure that your bathroom TV meets all industry regulations.

4K Ultra HD Mirror TV and Picture TV

Thanks to a powerful Quad Core processor, your Picture Frame TV and Mirror TV offers enhanced performance. You’ll notice the difference straight away, with faster multitasking and switching between content and web browsing, as well as smoother interaction.


UHD produces the brightest, clearest images with four times the detail of Full HD to deliver an amazing viewing experience.  Watch the latest movies like you’ve never seen before on your 4K Mirror TV.


We understand that every job is different and no room is the same so we use several suppliers so you can get the look that you want. Whether it's traditional, modern, quirky or meant for a bathroom or bedroom, we can get exactly what you want. 


Screen sizes range from 32" to 65", there are over 100 frame styles along with different mirror finishes. 


Please get in touch with us if you are interested in The Aerial Man supplying and/or mounting a Picture or Mirror TV in your home or business. 


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