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Satellite reception problems?

Are you having problems with your satellite reception? Let's see if we can help...

satellite dish

Generally your picture from your satellite system should be pretty good unless there is a tornado outside but if there is an issue, there could be a few reasons. Issues experienced could be pixellation, the picture freezing or sound problems.

Have a look at our checklist:

⚙︎ If it's snowing check there isn't snow on the dish. If safe to do so, clear it. Be careful not to knock the dish out of alignment though!

⚙︎ Reboot your receiver - Unplug it and leave it 10 mins, then turn back on again and see if it has resolved itself.

⚙︎ Trees - in Winter the signal is often clearer as there aren't any leaves on the trees! If there is a tree in the way of the dish and it's Summer time, often the leaves cause a problem with the signal clarity. If this is a problem throughout Summer and the trees can't be trimmed, let us know and we can check to see if the dish can be moved to another part of the building which won't be affected.

⚙︎ The rain is severe. This can cause problems if the rain is particularly bad, wait and see until it calms down to see if the problem goes away.

⚙︎ Has the dish moved? The dish can be knocked off by high winds, footballs hitting it or just bolts loosening off through general wear and tear. This is easily fixed, just call us and we can pop out and resecure and realign the dish. If the brackets/bolts are old/rusty they are easily replaced.

⚙︎ Check the cables - check that all cables are plugged in around the TV where they should be. Try unplugging and plugging back in again. Check the cable running to the dish, if it's loose or damaged, this can cause a loss of signal which can build up to be a real pain. If this happens, it is easily fixed, we can recable it and still use the same dish.

⚙︎ LNB damage - this is the part on the satellite dish which amplifies the signal and connects your receiver via the coax cables. If it's older or water has got in to the LNB or something has hit it, it can cause damage and you will lose signal. This is easily replaced, just get in touch and we can pop out.

Further information on the specific satellite systems can be found by checking the Freesat or Sky website.

We are a CAI+ installer so you know that if you use us, you will be using a fully accredited installer who cares about your job. Just call us on 01314507158 or email in at

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