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Does your roof need a tidy up?

We're on and off roofs every day and it's not uncommon for us to get a call saying that there is an aerial hanging precariously off a roof edge and could be dangerous. Could we come and remove it? Sometimes we'll get a call from a roofer who is up to look at roof work and notices that they need the work area cleared of old redundant equipment before they start.

Not only is it dangerous to everyone to have it loose it can also be expensive as it could be damaging your roof.

What needs kept and what needs left?

Often when we're up there we can see more kit needing removed too. Old aerials, satellite dishes, brackets and cables can bounce about (literally) on roofs for years and all it takes is a good storm to bring it down. While it's moving up there, masonry and tiles can be damaged leading to more expense.

What can you do?

If it's safe to do so then check the roof every now and again and see if there is anything loose or dislodged. You've searched for "TV aerial removers near me" and our number has come up! If it's not safe to have a look then give us a call or a roofer. We have special health and safety equipment to enable us to be on your roof safely so it's the better option.

This is a roof top with slate roof and wall with a lot of chimney pots at the end. On it there are 2 aerial masts with a collection of aerials and a satellite dish. There are lots of cables draped across the wall. It's sunny and the shadow of the installer is crossing the bright wall.

We're happy to simply remove the old kit, or we can consolidate what's there to simplify it. It's a good idea to replace broken brackets and antennas. Cables work best when they're secured as well as cables which are loose get damaged quicker. This allows water into the cable deteriorating signal so it's definitely worth the time and effort!

This is a roof top with a sloping upwards slate roof at either side and valley in the centre. At the end there is a wall with chimney and chimney pots at either side of that. On the wall there are 5 satellite dishes some old and some newer and a pile of aerials in the centre of the valley. The cables are loose and draped over the building.

How long does a roof clear take?

Depending on what's there, how many properties are involved (we may need to cable trace to each flat) it can vary. It could take just a couple of hours to a day, occasionally 2 days if the access is difficult and there is a lot of kit up there. Often satellite dishes and aerials are simply left as tenants come and go so often they're not working or in pieces. Making sure we're removing the right cables can take a wee bit of time but it's worth the effort.

What is the next step to clear your roof?

- Get in touch to arrange a site survey

- We'll assess what's there and give an idea of time and cost.

- The cost depends on the time required to trace cables, work out what is working (some of this kit can be up for 20+ years) and see what we can take and what can be left.

We'll re-secure the cables, brackets, remove any redundant kit and simplify what we can.

The old kit will be brought down and the area made safe.

There is a white van with roof ladders parked on a cobbled street. Behind it is a big pile of old aerials ready to be disposed of.

We registered and approved CAI installers so are well trained, insured and reliable. If you've googled TV aerial removal near me or satellite removal near me just get in touch and we'll get it removed.


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