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What's the benefit of a wireless alarm over a wired one?

Are you thinking of getting a new alarm for your home or business but unsure what to get? There are certainly lots of products on the market! You can go online and order something, some people will sign up to a company who will charge less for the installation then enter into a more expensive, long term maintenance contract. What is the best option between wired and wireless?

An alarm panel on the wall beside a door. A woman's hand with red nail polish is pressing a button on it.

Most of the systems that we install are wireless (although we can do wired if preferred). Here are our reasons why we prefer this system.

A wireless alarm system offers several benefits over a traditional wired alarm system:

  1. Easy installation: Our wireless alarm system is quick and easy to install as it does not require wiring between devices, reducing installation time and costs.

  2. Flexibility: The wireless design of the Enforcer alarm system allows for greater flexibility in terms of device placement and reconfiguration as per your needs.

  3. Expandability: The system can easily be expanded by adding new devices or sensors, making it highly adaptable and scalable to meet changing security needs.

  4. Remote access: With our wireless alarm system, you can remotely monitor and control your system through a smartphone or web-based interface, providing increased convenience and peace of mind.

  5. Minimal disruption: Since it does not require any wiring, installation and maintenance is less disruptive, making it a suitable option for retrofitting or upgrading an existing system.

  6. Reduced maintenance: As wireless alarms require fewer components than a traditional wired system, they are easier to maintain and repair, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Overall, a wireless alarm system provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional wired alarm systems while offering enhanced functionality, flexibility, and convenience.

Our system have lots of options with it - from a basic alarm with a couple of motion sensors to a full perimeter protection inside the property and out. We tend to use Pyronix alarms as they're a well established company with lots of options and reliable hardware. They have a great back up team so any issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively. It can be set up on many devices so you can have several people monitoring at the same time.

We can also add an option of CCTV to your install. This is a great addition as if you have your alarm triggered, then you can immediately go on and check your property from anywhere in the world.

What are the costs involved?

Well it depends on what you like - it's fully tailorable to your property. A basic set up starts at £450 (installed) but it depends on how much coverage you would like. A visit from our installers would enable us to come out and have a look, see what you'll need and give you a cost.

Is it simple to maintain?

Yes! You don't need to sign up to a complicated scheme. We recommend a visit once a year to check everything, adjust settings and replace any batteries. Other than that, it's a simple system which does everything that you'll need.

So what next?

Get in touch for a quote - we'll come out, check the property and give you some options and costs.


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