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New Alarm Camera Doorbell and more!

We've got some great updates to our Alarm system.

Doorbell Camera and Chime

This long awaited wireless door bell comes with some fantastic features. It will make your home security system even better and will work alongside the app. Don't miss a delivery again!

It's wireless but we can hardwire it if you prefer. You also don't need to have an alarm fitted from us to use it - it will independently with the app.

- Full HD, Wide angle view

- Long lasting battery life

- Live snap shots and capture

- Can utilise up to 4 chimes in the property

- Home Control2 compatible

- Subscription free!

Personal Help Alarm

What does it do?

Should anyone ever find themselves in a distressing or potentially threatening situation, HomeControl2.0’s new personal security feature allows them to raise an alarm by sending a notification with geolocation to family and/or friends that help is needed, whether inside or outside of the home.

It’s been developed to provide reassurance for families and friends and offers installers another great advantage to include in their Enforcer sales conversations with customers.

So, how does it work?

The app’s new feature enables users to raise an alarm by sending an SOS message to an emergency contact ‘bubble’ of family or friends requesting urgent assistance, whether at home or on-the-go.

The ‘SOS button’ (located prominently at the bottom of the app’s home screen) sends an instant push notification to the other bubble members’ devices, alerting to distress and sharing the user’s geolocation. Recipients can then take action, opening Google or Apple maps to quickly locate them and come to their aid.

Have a look at more info here.

Who can use it?

The feature operates on a standalone and subscription-free basis, so anyone can use the new Personal Help Alarm.

Smart Plug

Make life safer and more comfortable for your by setting a schedule with the SmartPlug.

Schedule the hallway light to turn on when you get home from work, set the kettle to turn on in the morning, or even set the TV to turn off before bed... the possibilities are endless.

Works great on the app or on the Pyronix tablet - a great addition to your alarm system.

If you're interested in getting any of these products added to your alarm system or you want to get one separately, get in touch - you can collect from our shop in Musselburgh or we can post out to you.


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