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Are you having problems with your satellite signal?

Common Causes for Satellite Problems

Spring time

It's Spring time and the trees and bushes have all their leaves out which is glorious to look at but not so good for some satellite signals! If you have noticed that you're getting the "no signal" image, or your losing channels it could be that the foliage is blocking some of the signal. It could be fairly obvious or check your neighbours trees which may have grown a few feet since last year and you haven't noticed as the leaves have been off over Winter.

How do we fix it? The obvious answer is to trim the foliage but sometimes that isn't possible if it isn't on your land. We can resite the dish to another part of the building where it won't be affected by the trees. Get in touch and we'll pop out for a quick look and see if we can improve it.


It's really common for storms to move the dish, even marginally. Screws and fixings loosen and rust and the Scottish weather isn't kind to satellite dishes. Don't try to realign it yourself as there's a really good chance you'll make it worse and could injure yourself in the process.

How do we fix it? We'll pop out and check the fixings, tighten them up if they're still good or replace them with fresh ones and align it to the correct satellite. With our satellite meters this should be much quicker that trying it yourself and we can ensure that you'll get the best signal possible out of your dish.

LNB or Cable issues

Again the Scottish weather can cause other issues than just moving the dish. The wind and rain can eventually cause issues with cables loosening or getting water into them. The LNBs on the arm of the dish can get damaged and lose signal.

How do we fix it? We can re-secure cables fairly easily or if need be, completely replace the cabling. Sometimes we can find a better route for the cable (eg at the back of a down pipe) if it wasn't very well done in the first place. We carry a selection of LNB's in the vans so they are easily replaced too.

What can I do at home?

Check the connections - often the loss of a signal is caused by something simple like the cables being moved or kicked out. Check the connections, cables and faceplates and ensure everything is working well with that first.

If you're using Freesat, have a look at the trouble shooting page that could help with general issues with your box.

Reset your receiver box - unplug your box and plug it back in again after a minute. This should do a reset and hopefully bring back some of your channels.

If it doesn't work - give us a call!

Our installers work with satellite systems in all types of properties, from large communal systems to single domestic installations. We're CAI+ Registered installers so trained to work on all types of systems. If you're unsure what to do, get in touch!


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