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Acusense, intelligent CCTV.

What is Acusense?

Acusense is a technology which is built into a range of our CCTV cameras and recorders and it uses advanced algorithms to improve security by accurately identifying people or vehicles. Essentially it can detect a trigger and it can identify whether that trigger is caused by a person, vehicle or a false alarm (eg animals, leaves etc). This means that you’ll only get notified if it’s a genuine intrusion and not get lots of false positives and it’s so accurate it can reduce false alarms by up a massive amount.

For domestic properties it’s great for areas such as gardens or garages where you can tell if it’s a real person in the area and you can immediately respond to it in whatever way you need to.

For commercial purposes, it works well in warehouses, shops, storage areas and many more as you know you’re not going to get a notification with every gust of wind or fox running through. There is also a quick search improvement so you can find footage much quicker than with a standard NVR.

Acusense comes in a wide range of cameras and there are a range of features. We have bullet, dome and turret cameras, up to 8MP resolution, internal and external and with dark fighter and ColorVu technology. Some of the cameras also come with additional benefits such as sound and strobe light alarms which will startle intruders before they can get the opportunity to get into the property.

If you’ve got cameras that aren’t very old then we can replace the NVR with an Acusense one too, they’ll work fine.

So if you want to upgrade your CCTV system or put in a new one, just get in touch for a free quote and we’ll get you booked in!


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