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Get ready for the World Cup!

Is everyone ready?

All ready to go? Millions will be tuning in this week to watch the World cup and it promises to be pretty amazing! We've had enquiries from pubs, clubs, restaurants, offices and people young and old who want to watch as much as possible. We've installed 55-85" TV's, some projectors, extra audio and extra room points so that it can be watched in kitchens, garden rooms and conservatories. It's estimated that millions will tune in in the UK at some point over the course of the next few weeks.

Is your TV ready though? Can you be sure that it's set up to optimal viewing, not to mention sound? Most TV's now have an array of settings and often the sound isn't fantastic, so how do you know that it's as good as it can be?

Here are some tips so you don't miss anything!

Make sure the basics are right

Ensure that the aerial and cabling are in good condition or you risk pixellation and lost channels. Have a check over everything that you can, check the ends are dry and no water is dripping down the cable from the roof. Have a look up at the aerial and make sure it's secure and go through the channels to make sure you aren't missing any. Imagine if it got right to the final and the signal gave in! If you're using Freeview and you want to double check the set up or if you're needing a wee bit of trouble shooting, use their website. Retune the TV before hand to make sure that you everything is working optimally. Here is a handy guide from Digital UK.

Check your TV picture settings

Brightness, contrast and sharpness are fairly obvious but your TV will usually have more to offer. Be aware though, not all are as good as you'd think. Samsung do a contrast enhancer setting which can overly affect the contrast, making the screen look a bit dark or too bright. Sony TV offers a Live Colour setting which is supposed to increase the colours that you see but can be a bit over whelming. It's a better idea to keep it off. If you're massively into sport then you may want to buy a TV which is catered towards it. Which do a good guide here on TV's which are great for viewing sport.

Think about the Sound

Most TV's are so thin now that despite the manufacturers best efforts, the sound is not great. We've found that the addition of a simple sound bar will add loads to your viewing experience - great for the roar of a football match and brilliant for sitting watching a movie. One of our favourites is the Denon Heos Home cinema Sound bar and wireless sub woofer. Great price and controlled by using an easy to use app, it can also be used as part of the wider Denon Heos multi room system and it can be expanded on to many zones throughout the property.

There is also the option of a surround sound system such as the wonderful Kef T-series or if you'd prefer something much more subtle (well invisible really) then another option is the fantastic Revolution Acoustics transducers or the Amina Invisible speaker company.

If you're interested in getting some great audio, either a simple sound bar or something a bit more custom made, please just get in touch and we can make it easy for you!

Also, if you hate all things football, especially the world cup then there are loads of other things on. We can install extra room points so that you can make sure that it's not on the main TV all the time and we can also install some great wifi extenders if you'd rather sit on the internet and stream or play games, far away from the TV.

Whatever you do during the World Cup, enjoy yourself, it's only once every four years!

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