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A compact and yet high performing subwoofer, the KUBE-1 provides a powerful and precise bass whether for the latest action packed blockbuster or the rhythmic sounds of that favourite CD. The sealed cabinet is designed to be space saving and yet the 200W on board amplifier which powers both the 200mm (8in.) long-throw bass driver and the 200mm (8in.) ABR (Active Bass Reflex) provides a performance that belies its size.

Kef Kube 1 Active Subwoofer Black

  • Drivers:
    Frequency response:
    Max output (SPL):
    Low pass filter:
    Dimensions H x W x D:
    Finish:Power Consumption

    8" and 8" ABR
    150w class D
    38 - 150Hz
    40 - 140 Hz, 2nd order
    0o or 108o
    Variable gain to match existing system
    291 x 293 x 293mm
    200 VA

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