Coronavirus Updates

After listening to government advice today, we have taken the sad decision to down tools at the moment. It's frustrating as we have a load of work, brilliant customers and a full stock but we just can't take the risk with the health of our customers and our staff. We are hopeful that if everyone else does the same, then this crisis will be brought under control quicker. Although our installers won't be out, we're working remotely so are available for any enquiries that you may have. Even if you want to chat a bit and you're fed up talking to your family. So please, stay at home, enjoy your time and learn a new hobby or eat a ton of cakes but stay at home! Once this is all over, we'll come ou

Coronavirus Statement

At The Aerial Man Scotland, we are working closely with our staff and our suppliers to ensure that any disruption caused by Covid-19 is kept to a minimum and that we are responding effectively to the ongoing crisis. We have kept our staff informed of any procedures and they will report any ongoing issues that may arise. Government guidelines have been supplied along with NHS advice to all staff. Our office staff are working from home as per recommendation and the installation team have been supplied sufficient resources to enable good hygiene at all times of the day. We have a great team of suppliers, from all over the country and they are prepared for any issues with stock control in the fu

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