What TV Should I Buy?

The Aerial Man Scotland are digital TV experts. We sell TVs and we set up TV’s that customers have purchased every day so we are used to working with all brands and styles of TV’s. The choice of TV is vast and it’s like buying a new car – they will all get you to there but it’s down to individual choice over styles. Buying a new TV is a really confusing experience these days due to the sheer amount of choice and even bigger load of confusing terminology! Bear in mind that you can’t really go wrong with most popular brands of TV purchased now and unless you have something specific in mind, they’re all pretty good. Here are a few pointers that may help you choose. How big should I buy? If you

How to Get the Best Picture on Your TV

Most of us buy a brand new TV, get it set up on the wall or on a stand and then forget about it. Apparently over 50% of buyers don’t bother to alter the settings once purchased, but this is not advisable if you want to get the best picture that you can. A new TV is generally a fair expense and as Britons spend on average 3 hours a day watching it, it’s worthwhile getting it set up to it’s greatest advantage. Steps to Get the Best Picture Below are a few steps but if you’d prefer to watch some videos to help, www.myperfectpicture.tv has some easy step by step instructions. When you buy the TV, the settings are generally on the brightest colour settings as this works well in the shop, but not

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